Have you ever wondered some people organize and deliver some events in a very exceptional way? An event planner brings someone else vision to life. It is a very risky and responsible job. There should be always a goal before planning an event.

Let’s have a look at the steps we need to follow to make an event successful.

5 Steps  to a successful event

Event planning is an art. Like any other forms of art, creativity, dedication, and  execution are the key points to make an event memorable and successful. While paving the way to an extraordinary event, you should consider these steps religiously.

1.Big goals get big results

 You should find your event objective at the very beginning before planning anything else. The rest of the planning depends only on this objective.Your goal should be sharp and precise.

2.A goal without a plan is just a wish

  •   WHO is going to attend?

 Now you have a goal to shoot for. Still , you may have some questions in your mind. Study  the client needs very well and draft it using any   event planning tools. The first thing you should know is who is going to be attending  the event? The audience type is very important in   choosing the venue,menu, and theme for an event. The speakers and volunteers are decided in this stage.

  •   WHAT is the nature of the event?

 What kind of an event is in your client needs .It may be a corporate event, birthday party or a wedding eve. The name  of the event ,decor ,sponsors and budget all will be planned  based on the nature of the event.

  •   WHEN will be it live?

Focus on the date and time of the event  while planning the to-do checklist. You should have an event planning calendar to remind you the invitations,appointments, orders and delivery details.

  •    WHERE is it going to happen?

The location of the event should consider when planning the logistics needs. It may be an indoor or outdoor event. The food, beverages, decor and waste management should be well planned according to the venue.

 3.Learn to see what you are looking at

Study current market scenarios which will have an impact in your goal. Online media is a very powerful tool nowadays. Take the advantage of that and try to find out the trending ideas in event planning. Collect as much as information you can regarding the themes ,the new  ideas of decorations etc.

 4.None of us is as smart as all of us

Now finalize the team for that particular event. Assign duties for each member separately .Post event duties should be assigned to each volunteer before the event .Collective leadership will be a unique selling point .Each member  of  your team will have different thoughts  and creativity. So take the ideas from everyone  and  assemble it in a professional way.

 5.Creative with strategy is called “Advertising”

Social media is a great platform to advertise your event to reach in more people to get more sponsors. Apart from that you can post, share and create an event to invite people personally and remind them about the date and time.

The key point you should always keep in mind is “You should always have a PLAN-B”.

You can also refer some tips to make an event successful here.

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